Modern Chic
Laurey W. Glenn

Modern Chic

The hidden storage, sleek finishes, and functional island won this clean kitchen a Southern Home Award by Southern Living. Ebony-stained oak cabinets bring depth to the space but are lightened with white granite countertops and a frosted glass backsplash.

Sustainable and Sophisticated
Thomas J. Story

Sustainable and Sophisticated

This clean, modern kitchen balances cool and warm tones with abundant natural light.

Curves in the range hood and shelf-support brackets add softness.
John Granen

Small Spaces

Add a little, gain a lot. That's the lesson one couple learned when they made a small addition to the cramped galley kitchen in their home. Curves in the range hood and shelf-support brackets add softness to the geometric cabinets, tiles, and appliances. Open shelves keep cooking staples within easy reach.

Black and White
Tria Giovan

Black and White

A mismatched kitchen island stands out from the discreet cabinetry. Matchstick shades tie the wooden island and black cabinets together.

The neutral kitchen is lit by natural light.
Photo: Jean Allsopp; Designer: Kelly McCombs

Classic Kitchen

Neutral walls act as a backdrop for wooden window casings and custom cabinetry. A built-in cupboard with glass doors and open shelving provides storage and display space for dinnerware. Windows fitted with modest, striped Roman shades allow natural light to flood the space.

Beaded board cabinets give a kitchen a cottage touch.
Tria Giovan

Quintessential Cottage

Create cottage style with beaded board cabinets, concrete countertops, and antique accessories.

Write Away Chalkboard Kitchen
Laura Moss

Chalkboard Charms

A chalkboard wall in this kitchen allows guests to leave their mark. Pantry doors on the right conceal a washer and dryer. The counter of the island extends to accommodate a small breakfast bar.

Effortless Elegance
Laurey W. Glenn; Ralph Anderson

Effortless Elegance

Functional fixtures and modern appliances peacefully coexist with graceful glass lanterns and cushy swivel-seat barstools in this simple, elegant kitchen.

The nickel faucet gives the kitchen a graceful style.
Jean Allsopp

Practical Fashion

Perfect for the gourmet chef and the entertainer, this kitchen's island doubles as a work space and a buffet or bar.

Create Your Own Kitchen Island
Dominique Vorillon

Custom Island

Craft your own kitchen island with inspiration from antique pieces like this custom island made of a wooden shiplap back and bracket feet from limed oak. White marbleized subway tiles create this clever backsplash.

Quaint Kitchen
IPC Images

Quaint and Quirky

Incorporate vintage finds to give your kitchen that homey feel. Bring in bright colors by painting either old (or new) wooden chairs in an array of pretty hues.

Horizontal cypress paneling lends an airy feeling to this kitchen.
Jean Allsopp; Stylist: Cari South

Creative Kitchen

A sheer ivory-colored finish applied to the horizontal cypress paneling gives a light and airy feel to this kitchen. The open storage is both a means of displaying cookware and an example of creative shelf design. The open shelving is great for showcasing serving pieces and pottery, and guests love them because they can easily find needed items.

Wild and Retro Kitchen
Richard Leo Johnson

Wild and Retro

The punchy turquoise hue of the vintage-style appliances puts a chic spin on this coastal kitchen. A tumbled-glass backsplash mimics natural sea glass and contrasts sleek concrete countertops.

Sweet Indulgence
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Sweet Indulgence

Give your kitchen a look as delicious as your favorite dessert with a cheerful pastel palette. Custom-painted appliances and two-tone cabinetry introduce an element of surprise, but by leaving everything else white, the space isn't overwhelming.

A farm table completes this kitchen.
Tria Giovan; Designer: Mary Evelyn McKee

Informal Accents

A farm table anchors the gathering space in this appealing kitchen. Lightly finished wood countertops contrast beautifully with classic subway tiles and darker hardwood flooring. Slipcovered chairs keep the arrangement informal.

Red cabinets makes this kitchen pop.
Josh Gibson; Designer: Susan Massey

Zen Kitchen

Red is a color most often seen in dining rooms. But these kitchen cabinets sport nine coats of high-gloss red exterior paint, which mimics Asian lacquer treatments and echoes the house’s Zen restraint. The bright hue also energizes the room and sets the stage for convivial gatherings.

Black granite countertops contrast with the creamy cabinets.
Jean Allsopp; Stylist: Lisa Powell

Classic Comfort

The combination of the creamy taupe-glazed cabinets and the rich black granite countertops in this kitchen is dramatic. Still, it's the details that make this room unique. Usually reserved for a window, the tiled space behind the sink offers a way to easily change the look of the kitchen with different pieces of art.

Pattern Panache Kitchen
Colleen Duffley

Play With Pattern

Instead of choosing veined countertops or busy wallpaper, try pattern in an unexpected place. Two oversize drum shades in a crewel-like print do wonders to spice up an otherwise neutral kitchen.

Natural Setting
Colleen Duffley

Natural Textures

In this coastal kitchen, natural materials bring the beach indoors; the window treatments, the area rug, the cabinets, and even the countertop accessories are reminiscent of the beach. The many textures are the key to perking up this neutral kitchen.

Stainless steel and black touches keep this kitchen urban.
Jean Allsopp, Mary Margaret Chambliss, Beth Dreiling; Stylist: Buffy Hargett

Urban Entertaining

The owners of this kitchen were unhappy with their cabinets' door style, so they ordered new door fronts made of maple, and then painted the original frames a glossy black. To update the existing oven and dishwasher, they bought stainless steel sheets and applied them to the fronts of both appliances.

This kitchen's granite counters complement sleek stainless steel appliances.
Muffy Kibbey

Contemporary Kitchen

In this kitchen, the tone is set by granite counters and sleek stainless steel appliances. The custom-designed cabinets -- stained dark cherry to match the red hues in the granite -- include pullout corner and pantry systems. The island has a chopping-block table that can be wheeled out and used as a cart.

This kitchen functions as a wet bar.
John O'Hagan; Stylist: Lydia DeGaris-Pursell, Jan Gautro, and Kiersten Moore

A Drink Within Reach

A sink, icemaker, and wine cooler make entertaining easy at this wet bar.

Modern Marvels Kitchen
Thomas J. Story

Modern Marvels

Streamlined drawer pulls and sleek cabinets emphasize the shape of this small, galley-style kitchen.

This kitchen multitasks as a kitchen, dining, and sitting area.
Douglas Hill

Merged Spaces

In this home, one large, airy space contains the kitchen, dining room, and sitting area. The arched doorway and exposed beams are features that make this space appealing.

Checkerboard Kitchen
Van Chaplin

Check Mate

There isn't much wall space in a kitchen full of cabinets. So if you want a colorful room, you'll have to look to the cabinets as the source. A bold color such as aqua creates a strong visual impact. This stylish kitchen is also practical for a large family. The lower cabinets contain pull-out drawers that make items easily accessible for everyone.

Salvaged Wood Kitchen
Laurey W. Glenn

Salvaged Wood

In this old-world kitchen, salvaged wood flooring inspires the entire space (and is an eco-friendly choice). Leftovers from the flooring were used to create the dining table, and pecky cypress kitchen cabinets complement the warm wood throughout.

The cream-colored glaze cabinets give off an antique feel.
Jean Allsopp; Stylist: Rose Nguyen

A Chef's Haven

This Southern Living Idea House kitchen features cabinetry with an antique cream-colored glaze. Appearing to be a large cabinet, the refrigerator is disguised by panels. The area features quartz stone countertops, while an ample island occupies the center and makes food preparation a pleasure. Outfitted with heart-pine ceiling beams and sage walls like the nearby breakfast room, this kitchen is any homeowner's dream.

Earth-Friendly Kitchen
John Clark

Eco-Chic Space

This eco-friendly kitchen resides in a boathouse anchored on a Seattle lake. The cabinets are finished in bamboo and sky-lights provide ample natural light and ventilation.

A catheral window gives this kitchen lots of light.
Jeff McNamara; Designer: Mark Maresca

Collector's Kitchen

This kitchen's cathedral window welcomes natural light and makes a bold architectural statement. An antique bin from an old general store and European chocolate molds give the kitchen a sense of age. Waxed wood finishes underscore the look.

A sage-green island contrasts with ivory walls in this kitchen.
Pieter Estersohn; Designer: Amelia Handegan

Balance and Contrast

A sturdy, sage-green island contrasts with warm ivory walls and cabinetry in this light-filled kitchen. A stainless range occupies a tiled alcove with an arched hood, while dark marble counters provide a unifying work surface. Rustic barstools, antiqued light fixtures, and rough-hewn ceiling beams contribute additional texture.

This kitchen is as bright as a garden in spring.
John O'Hagan

Well-Seasoned Style

Whether planning meals for just themselves or many guests, these homeowners enjoy a kitchen that's as inviting and bright as a spring garden. The large island and plentiful granite countertops provide convenient work surfaces while anchoring the kitchen.

The open, cottage kitchen is equipped for a big family.
Brian Vanden Brink

Family Kitchen

This hardworking kitchen is equipped for a big family or lots of guests, and the cottage's open floor plan allows hosts to participate in the party. A cooktop with a nonstick grill and self-ventilation system and a combination oven and drop-down-door microwave make preparing dinner a breeze. Two under-mount sinks (featuring goosenecked faucets) complete the kitchen.

Overhead cabinets offer a lot of storage space and room.
Margot Hartford; Designer: Michael Connell Architect

Storage Strategy

In this kitchen, architect Michael Connell used standard overhead cabinets -- typically 12 inches deep -- below the counter in some areas instead of standard floor cabinets, which are usually 24 inches deep. This allowed him to fit in a dining peninsula and a shallow storage area without taking space away from circulation and seating. Storage needs dictated a row of cabinets stretching between the living room and the kitchen. Connell put glass doors on both sides of the cabinets, allowing the space to remain visually open.

The two-tone floor tiles and beaded-board walls give the kitchen a cottage appeal.
Robbie Caponetto

Kitchen Renovation

The diagonal two-tone floor tiles mirror the color of the poured concrete countertops, beaded board walls and white trim.

Surfboard Kitchen
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Surf's Up

Beach houses are great places to take risks you wouldn't normally take. This surfboard-style kitchen island is functional, eco-friendly, and appropriate for the setting.

Cultured stone surround the gas range in this kitchen.
John O'Hagan; Stylist: Jan Gautro

Cook's Center

The gas range has an alcove of its own surrounded by cultured stone. Narrow, built-in shelves on either side of the range are perfect for storing spices.

Rustic Lake Cabin Kitchen
Robbie Caponetto

Rustic Kitchen

To give a new lake house kitchen the ambiance of a much older one, these homeowners used rough-hewn X-beams in the ceiling and travertine countertops as foils to the slick stainless steel appliances. Horizontal painted paneling mimics the look of an old-fashioned summerhouse.

Cabinets in brown and cream give this kitchen a casual feel.
Laurey W. Glenn; Stylists: Buffy Hargett, Alan Henderson

Country Kitchen

Distressed, furniture-style cabinetry in hues of cocoa and cream creates a casual atmosphere. The matte finish of the deep brown honed-granite countertops reinforces the aged appearance. Cabinets suspended over the island showcase a collection of colorful dishes. Glass doors and sides allow light to pass through, softening the visual impact of the cabinetry.

The family room and kitchen share a common space.
Jean Allsopp

Shared Space

The family room and kitchen share a hipped roof, with an exposed beaded board ceiling and rafters. This type of treatment creates a relaxed setting and continues the louvered cabinets' tropical feel.

A simple green, blue, white, and stainless steel palette give this kitchen a clean, modern look.
Thomas J. Story

Suburban Modern

Bright lights, large rectangular openings, and a simple palette of green, blue, white, and stainless steel create a clean look and a handsome foil for the curvilinear barstools. Open shelves around the sink and range hold smaller objects, such as dishes, serving bowls, and glasses, items the couple uses every day.


The sliding door allows this kitchen to be hidden for formal dinner parties.
Thomas J. Story

Farmhouse Influence

The sliding barn door allows this “modern farmhouse” kitchen to be hidden for formal dinner parties and serves as a place to hang holiday greeting cards.

Classic, Coastal Kitchen
Dominique Vorillon

Classics Count

With classic marble countertops and antique blue accents, this coastal kitchen has a sleek, modern take on traditional nautical decor.

Cabin Fever
Jean Allsopp

Cabin Fever

This cabin kitchen uses warm wood tones and simple design to create a cozy space. An heirloom-style black china hutch is the focal point, and a funky pendant lamp emphasizes the mountain flair.

Green With Envy
Tria Giovan

Green With Envy

The green color of the cabinets absorbs light in this open, white kitchen – white on white would have been too much.

The wheat-colored subway-tiled backsplash gives a classic feel
Photo: Tria Giovan; Stylist: Jan Gautro

A Kitchen That Cooks

This space combines modern, energy-efficient appliances with accents of a traditional farm kitchen, such as exposed shelves and rustic pine ceiling beams. The wheat-colored subway-tiled backsplash contributes to the classic feel, even as it contrasts with the contemporary stainless steel appliances and the South African granite countertops.

Open Shelves Kitchen
Roger Davies

Open Shelves

With open shelving instead of cabinets, plates and cookware become objects of art. Use the highest shelf for real art objects instead of cooking supplies. The pantry is hidden behind stainless steel doors, which resemble a second refrigerator.

Family Dream Kitchen
Van Chaplin; Charles Walton IV

Function First

This kitchen is begging for family dinners. Aside from being beautiful and bright, it boasts clever and convenient amenities like accessible outlets. (There is one on each leg of the island.) The island appears mobile, but it is actually stationery. The freestanding legs make the kitchen look more spacious, while the rolling butcher block offers more counterspace when necessary.

Clean and Green Kitchen
Annie Schlecter

Subway Style

In this simple kitchen, green subway tiles run all the way to the ceiling. Open shelving seems to float on the tile and provides extra storage, while sconces are great for task lighting.

Savvy Details
Roger Davies

Colorful Kitchen

In tight spaces, make smart use of wall space with slim plate racks instead of overhead cabinets. Opt for track lighting in lieu of bulky mounted fixtures, and leave small windows uncovered to let in light.

Hidden Kitchen

Hidden Kitchen

This home's kitchen is cleverly hidden behind a tall island made of whitewashed cedar panel cabinets. Three white pendant lights provide great task lighting and create a casual ambiance.

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