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Oven Types

Double ovens top most cooks’ wish lists. This configuration allows you to bake items at two different temperatures at the same time. “If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate two ovens, they offer flexibility in a busy kitchen,” says Sara Ann Busby, CKD, in Elk Rapids, Michigan. “Double ovens also increase productivity if you entertain large groups regularly or do lots of baking.”

For kitchens that don’t have space for two separate ovens, a few manufacturers, such as Maytag and Jenn-Air, offer double-oven ranges, which have two ovens stacked within the base of a traditional 30-inch freestanding range. While the second oven is small, it’s typically large enough for a pie, casserole, or pizza.

Also consider ranges equipped with warming drawers. In most configurations, the warming drawer, which holds foods at 200° F, takes the place of the storage drawer on the bottom of the range.

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