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If you got 0 correct:
Dull blade: Your kitchen drawers are likely filled with takeout menus. You may even store your shoes in the oven. Check out our "Basics" galleries to get a crash course in kitchen design.
The Basics: Kitchen cabinets
Shopper's Guide: Countertops

If you got 1 to 2 correct:
Semi-sharp blade: You've got working knowledge of your kitchen's features and would probably cook more if you liked your appliances. For easy upgrades and guides to renovations, visit our new channel devoted to kitchens.

If you got all 3 correct: Razor-sharp blade: Congratulations! You deserve your own cooking show. You're a kitchen whiz. You know a convection oven by sound from the next room. You probably change your refrigerator's water filter on time.

For the newest appliances and innovations in kitchen design, check out these galleries.
Stuff You'll Love: Large appliances
Our Top 25 Kitchens

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