Laurey W. Glenn

For maximum function, be sure to allow plenty of working countertop space.

For the owner of this home, one of the main objectives was to have an ultra-functional workspace. Regardless of looks, a kitchen is a kind of workshop, after all. Consider these points when creating your own.

1. Countertops should be a minimum of 16 inches deep, and upper cabinets should be at least 15 inches above the countertop surface. Don’t crowd your workspace.

2. Allow at least 24 inches on one side of your sink and a minimum of 18 inches on the other. This will give you plenty of space when washing dishes or prepping food.

3. For a small kitchen (less than 150 square feet), allow at least 132 inches of usable countertop frontage. For a large kitchen (more than 150 square feet), incorporate at least 198 inches of usable countertop frontage.

4. When hanging a light above an island, 30 to 34 inches above the surface is a good rule of thumb. If the shade is small, go for the lowest measurement or it may appear skimpy. If it’s a large shade, go higher.



Todd Childs, Southern Living

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