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Tria Giovan

Frameless Cabinetry

Europeans, when faced with postwar lumber shortages, came up with "frameless" cabinets. A simple trim strip covers raw edges, which butt directly against one another. Doors and drawers often fit to within 1/8 inch of each other, revealing a thin sliver of the trim. Interior components, such as drawers, can be sized practically to the full dimensions of the box.

Another big difference: Frameless cabinets typically have a separate toe-space pedestal, or plinth. This allows you to set counter heights specifically to your liking, stack base units, or make use of space at floor level.

The terms "system 32" and "32-millimeter" refer to precise columns of holes drilled on the inside faces of many frameless cabinets. These holes are generally in the same places, no matter what cabinets you buy, and interchangeable components (such as door hinges, drawer guides, shelf pins, and pullout baskets) just plug right into them.

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