Windmark Beach home living room
Antoine Bootz

Welcome to the Beach

Beach house style just got a lot more interesting. "Don't be afraid of color," says designer E. Dale Trice. He proves his fearlessness in the living room by incorporating a vivid sectional sofa, curtains the color of a Gulf sunset, and accents of ocean blue.

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Sectional Sofa: Precedent Furniture
Coffee Table: BoBo Intriguing Objects
Blinds: Shutter Sense
Curtains: Drape 98
Curtain Fabric: Seven Seas
Rug: Design on the Gulf
Dining Chairs: Design on the Gulf
Dining Table: Bradley Hughes
Cable-knit Pillow: Design on the Gulf
Tray and Stoneware: Atticus
Coral: Design on the Gulf
Cushions: Design on the Gulf
Paint Color: Sherwin-Williams (Grassland SW6163)

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