Callaway Gardens, Georgia
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Life On the Go

Callaway Gardens
Pine Mountain, Georgia

Wake to the rustle of longleaf pine and the chatter of birds, ride your bike to breakfast, and tee off for an afternoon of golf. Or see one of the most stunning azalea displays in the country during the spring, check out the spa, and end the day with an elegant dinner. If any or all of these suggestions make up your ideal weekend, the Carolina Jessamine Cottage, our home at Callaway Gardens, is for you.

Callaway Gardens, Georgia lake.
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A Cozy Retreat

Nestled in the pines a little more than an hour southwest of Atlanta, our raised woodland cottage will sit ready for your family and friends to enjoy a relaxing getaway. Carolina Jessamine Cottage is part of the new Camp Callaway, one of four new residential areas within the gardens.

Artist rendering of Callaway Gardens, Georgia cottage.
Architectural Rendering, John Tee

Carolina Jessamine Cottage

Location: Camp Callaway at Callaway Gardens Pine Mountain, Georgia

Size: 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths

Favorite feature: A screened porch connects to both the family room and master bedroom.

Choose this house: If you want a family-friendly resort with plenty of activities.

Callaway Gardens, Georgia
Van Chaplin

What You Might Not Know

Callaway Gardens has long been known for great golf and fantastic examples of horticulture, but it’s also committed to wellness and the environment. The gardens opened 56 years ago with the vision of connecting man and nature.

Callaway Gardens, Georgia white flower.
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Greener Future

Today Callaway has continued that stewardship with not just the gardens, but also by building EarthCraft-certified homes and supporting wind power initiatives. Founder Cason J. Callaway’s vision turned out to be prophetic and necessary in today’s world.

Callaway Gardens, Georgia travel information.
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Travel Information

Discover all that Callaway Gardens and its surrounding area have to offer. Only an hour or so drive from Atlanta, and two hours from Macon there is much to explorer.

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