These beds hang from the ceiling.
Jean Allsopp

Hanging Around

In this room, teak platforms suspended from heavy-gauge rope take center stage, while a punchy orange-striped fabric on the wall and Roman shade create a seamless backdrop.

Engineered hardwood flooring echoes the rich graining of the bed platforms and offers tropical-wood appeal at a fraction of the cost. It’s environmentally friendly, too.

The white-and-green headboard pops against the green walls.
Jean Allsopp

Minty Clean

This room bursts with fresh green walls and a white-and-green patterned headboard. Tack on those leather-and-stainless-steel campaign stools staked out at the end of the bed (instead of a traditional bench), and you’ve got a little sparkle all year long.

The yellow-toned room is calming.
Jean Allsopp

Butter Cream

Calm, cool, and clean, this yellow room steers you far away from winter gray. The yellow walls and the pale blue of the corner chair, center pillow, and bedside lamp keep the room cheerful and springy. The small canopy of striped fabric keeps the room light and airy with soft linens.

A colorful quilt stands out in this mostly white room.
Jean Allsopp

Quilt Gilt

There’s nothing boring about this white room, which borrows hues straight from nature. Flowers blooming outside the window complement the colorful patchwork on the quilt in ways no painted walls ever could.

An interesting headboard and green walls spice up a room immediately.
Laurey W. Glenn

Royal Touch

Adding color to the walls and tossing a few throw pillows on the bed will give you an instant shine. The headboard re-creates the look of an antique corona in this room.

The size of the crown can vary depending on where it's placed (at the head of the bed or above the center like this one) and your personal preference.

A bright blue quilt and green chair contrasts with the bright white walls of this retro California home
Alec Hemer

California Cool

The bright blue quilt and chartreuse chair contrast with the bright white walls of this retro California home. Because this house has no air-conditioning, it was built with plenty of windows and French doors to keep breezes flowing.

A scenic painting on these mild yellow walls complement the dusty blue of the bedspread.
Jean Allsopp

A Room With a View

The guestroom bed of Southern Living's Panama City Idea House is dressed in cool aqua linen and soft ivory damask. The ivory curtains behind the bed can be pushed together to give the illusion of a headboard. Built-in seating fits between the closet and a drawer unit that also holds a TV.

These rolling bunk bed are colored in shades of blue and plum.
Thomas J. Story

Plum Plush

Trundle beds work well for older kids and help maximize a small space in Sunset's Lake Tahoe Idea House. The room is child-friendly without seeming childish.

This room sports fun elements and colors, private nooks, and areas for kids to express themselves. Flexibility is important in decor to ensure a room isn’t outgrown too quickly.

The brightly colored room is contained by white trimmings.
Jean Allsopp

Bright and Charming

Accents of white offer a pleasing contrast to the bold colors chosen for this bedroom. For an extra twist, each window displays a different fabric treatment. But because they're kept within the same palette, they blend together perfectly.

This room is mostly white with a few periwinkle trimmings.
Tria Giovan

Lily White

Wake up with a clear mind in this room of pure white with periwinkle blue accents. Set against white walls and floors, the iron bed and white linen sheets create a restful retreat. The Moroccan-style table adds a quirky twist.


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