Feeling Drained?

Your bedroom’s furnishings and layout can greatly affect your sleep and energy, says Jayme Barrett, author of Feng Shui Your Life. Here are her suggestions for a more peaceful space.

serne bedroom
Tria Giovan

Pamper Your Senses

A truly restorative bedroom makes all of your senses feel good. Try adding an incredibly plush rug or a chenille throw. A calming scent can help, too.


twin beds
Mali Azima

Pair Up

"Items in twos create harmony in a room," Barrett says. That serenity can help you sleep better. Try matching tables, pictures, or lamps.

arched window in bedroom
Mali Azima

Make A Strategic Move

Move your bed against a solid wall and facing the door so no one can surprise you. Also, choose bed linens you love; a circular design can be soothing.


Tria Giovan

Cut the Clutter

“A messy area symbolizes unfinished business and keeps your mind in an anxious state,” Barrett says. Keep books neatly stacked and odds and ends out of sight in covered boxes or baskets.

Ted Tucker

Bring In Nature

Studies show that just looking at nature can lower blood pressure. Flowers and plants signal new growth to your subconscious -- and a positive outlook brings peace.

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