Personalize Your Bedroom

It's a great way to add some sparkle to your room without changing everything. You don't have to spend a fortune either. We came up with some styles that range from elegant to just plain fun. Add new linens, and you'll no longer be singing the blues. These creative ideas will inspire you to create a snazzy place to lay your head.

Canopy Bed with Crown Molding

Fit for a Queen

We decided to re-create the look of an antique corona in this room. The size of the crown can vary depending on where it's placed (at the head of the bed or above the center like this one) and your personal preference. For the canopy, a sheer fabric with a subtle stripe (12 yards at $3 a yard) is gathered and attached to the crown with a staple gun. You need one panel for the back and one for each side. Attach the crown to the ceiling using an electric screwdriver.

Upholstered Headboard

Pretty in Upholstery

You can create a custom look without the high cost. The one shown here is made of plywood and 2 x 4s, then covered with foam rubber and fabric. For a special touch, a large monogram adorns the center. Do-it-yourselfers and sewers can accomplish this project on their own.

The shape and height of the board can vary to suit many styles. When deciding on the height, consider the size of decorative pillows as well as the distance from the ceiling. Many fabrics will work, but avoid ones that are too flimsy or delicate. We chose a medium-weight linen. Other affordable options include cotton duck, denim, and matelassé. Once again, we used swing-arm lamps on either side of the headboard. They're the perfect choice for a tight space.

Chocolate Covered Headboard

Headboard Help

Check with local fabric stores and upholstery shops to find someone to do the work. You can specify the style and size needed and have the headboard made using your choice of fabrics.

At some fabric stores, you can purchase a ready-made, basic frame. (This type of headboard already has the foam applied.) All you have to do is choose the decorative fabric covering, stretch it across the headboard, and secure it on the back with staples or tacks. Muslin is stapled over the back to hide the raw fabric edges.

Rope Headboard

Renewed With Rope

You can teach an old bed a new trick. We took a tired-looking and slightly rusted metal frame and covered it in rope (a 200-foot spool of 5/8-inch-diameter rope cost around $150 at a home-improvement store). This technique works especially well on beds with center slats. For added interest, you can weave the rope in and out around the slats like a basket. Use a glue gun to secure the rope to the frame. Experiment to find a look that appeals to you.

Use gloves when working with the rope to protect your hands -- and have patience. This project will take some time, depending on the size of the headboard and its intricacy. For added style, paint the rope in a color that matches your decor. We chose a warm brown that's found in the bedroom fabrics -- a lively print and a simple ticking stripe.

Folding Screen Headboard

Headboard Appeal

This beautifully carved screen, was reupholstered and mounted on the wall behind the bed. The almost-black finish of the screen inspired other choices in the room. The crown molding, baseboards, doors, and casements were painted black to mimic the piece. Black sets a framework for the rest of the softer colors and makes them stand out more. A pretty terra-cotta damask makes up the one-of-a-kind headboard. Its tone-on-tone design doesn't take away from the screen's carvings and intricate design. The headboard retains its dramatic presence -- which is the whole point after all.


Slipcovered Headboard

Tie on a Slipcover

See how a little fabric adds a splash of personality to this guestroom.

Don't be afraid to accent a headboard with a bright color. It is the easiest way to add personality to a space. The headboards, upholstered in an inexpensive muslin, have a scalloped top, which is repeated on the bed skirt and drapery panels.

Slipcovers can be easily removed for laundering. Tip: Be sure to use preshrunk fabric to ensure a good fit. Ties running down the sides secure the cover and provide a nice detail.

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