Designer Liz Woods
 Erica George Dines

The Headboard

"I designed this headboard with one goal in mind: to keep it classic and enduring," says designer Liz Woods. "I chose a simple rectangular shape that is versatile and easy to slipcover."

"The headboard is covered in a woven solid by Dedar that has great texture in a color neutral enough to work with several looks. The single row of nailheads is a subtle detail that makes the bed a little more special. This headhoard has a chameleonlike quality; it blends well with any look," she says.

White bedding with purple ikat pillow
Erica George Dines

Blanketed in White

For the first look, Woods wanted something soft and feminine, so she chose a light palette and incorporated ruffles in the bedding. "When working with white, I tend to layer different shades," she says. "This gives the room dimension and helps keep it interesting."

The lavendar ikat pillow's rectangular shape and colorful pattern contrast with the white palette. "I always like it when beds have punctuation -- this pillow is the exclamation point on the bed," says the designer.

Natural linen fabrics on bed
Erica George Dines

Shades of Gray

"This bed is all about texture," says Woods. "The charcoal blanket has a luscious loose weave that you want to just fall into. The muted colors lend a bit of masculinity, but the interplay of textures softens the look."

Woods added the bolster pillow to pick up the charcoal color of the blanket and the leaf detailing on the pillow cases. "I married the different shades of gray, and the organic pattern is not too feminine," she says.

This is the only look without a bedskirt, with all of the blankets, sheets, and coverlets tucked in. "Tucking in the linens creates a cleaner, finished look and is another way to emphasize the headboard," explains the designer. "It also shows off the nailhead trim."

White duvet with green leaf motif and orange accents
Erica George Dines

An Appealing Pattern

"I was drawn to this pattern because it is not overwhelming. It also has unisex appeal -- green is a great color for a bedroom," Woods says.

"This look is more relaxed and natural, so I paired the duvet with a quilted, structured skirt for contrast. The velvet accent pillows provide richness and a sense of depth. I love the persimmon with the green," she says.

Natural linen fabrics on bed
Erica George Dines

Bedding Basics

Color: "The most popular colors are blues, whites, neutrals, and greens," says Woods. "If a bedroom is a bold color, I bring in a lot of white. Everything in a bedroom -- the furniture, fabrics, and color -- is all about balance, and you have to achieve that for the room to work."

Bed skirts: "Often I match the skirt to the headboard to keep the bed from looking too busy," says Woods. "I like to use tailored skirts with trim or banding. The skirt should never be too short -- it should graze the floor ever so slightly. You can completely change the look of a bed by adding or removing a skirt."

Pillows: In Woods' opinion, nothing ruins a bed like flat pillows. "I insist on fluffed down pillows; foam is too flat. A down pillow adds volume and softness, giving the bed an inviting feel," she says.

Linens: Woods prefers plain, white linens. "They're so crisp and clean," she says. But in the end, she admits, "it's not about the way it looks but how it feels."

Natural linen fabrics on bed
Erica George Dines

Headboard Hints

Height: "A headboard between 48 and 52 inches high has a nice overall feel for most rooms," says Woods. "It's also a good height for comfort, as it works well for reading in bed."

Design: "If a room has soaring ceilings or a lot of other details, I suggest using a simple shape for a sense of balance," she says.

Fabric: "Solid, natural fabrics are the most versatile and the easiest to clean," says the designer. "Large patterns don't translate quite as well because you lose a lot of the pattern when you add pillows."

Slipcovers: "A slipcover immediately diversifies your bed," she says. "You can add a monogram, ribbon ties, or a pretty trim for extra detail."

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