Freshaire Choice Paint
Courtesy of Freshaire Choice Paint

Low-VOC Paints

Freshaire Choice is a nontoxic, zero-VOC paint that comes in 65 different colors. Eco-friendly paints are becoming more widely available, and thus, more affordable. You can now go to your local home improvement store and pick up an earth-friendly painting choice.

Why It’s Great: Air inside is two to five times more polluted than the air outside. With a baby in the house, air quality is an important safety issue.

Where to Buy: Freshaire Choice paint is available exclusively at The Home Depot.

Bonus: To learn more about paint exposure during your pregnancy, visit the American Pregnancy Association.


Clorox wipes
Courtesy of Clorox

Non-Toxic Cleansers

Nontoxic cleansers, such as Seventh Generation, Method, and Mrs. Meyer’s, are now carried at most grocery chains and Target. Mrs. Meyer’s, for example, has no solvents, no bleach, and no harsh fumes. As an added bonus, most of their products have a near neutral pH, which makes them okay for skin contact. When you feel you need powerful disinfecting, such as during flu season, Clorox has new attractive dispenser canisters than fit right in with your chic nursery decor.

Why It’s Great: Again, it’s all about safe and healthy choices for your baby, especially when it comes to cleaning his or her room. Babies and toddlers put everything in their mouths and touch anything in sight. Harsh chemicals can be harmful or irritating to their eyes and lungs.

Courtesy of Idbids

Idbids Toys

Two Atlanta businesswomen came up with Idbids: three stuffed animal characters named Scout, Lola, and Waverly with a mission to be green. The characters are also an educational and eco-friendly way to entertain kids and teach them about the environment.

Why It’s Great: Idbids were a 2009 Toy Industry Association nominee for Educational Toy of the Year, but kids love them too! Each Idbids character comes in an eco-friendly package and includes your choice of plush character made from 100% organic Egyptian cotton, a storybook, a field guide, and an organic fabric cinch sack to keep them in.

Idbids Plush Toys
$29.99, sold through

DucDuc Austin Crib
Courtesy of DucDuc

Furniture for Baby Steps

DucDuc furniture is made from wood that is sustainably harvested from regional forests to help minimize the company’s carbon footprint.

Why It’s Great: DucDuc, an American-based company, has a wide range of furniture to complete your nursery -- everything from cribs to rockers and nightstands to changing tables. When your wee one has outgrown the crib, they also have youth and bunk beds.

Austin Crib
$1,295, available at

Wool carpet samples
Courtesy of Nature’s Carpet

Green You Can Walk On

Nature’s Carpet is 100% wool and comes in a variety of styles and colors as well as “levels of green.”

Why It’s Great: Wool fibers are great for people with severe allergies, because the long fibers resist becoming airborne. Plus, they are natural and won’t give off any harmful emissions. Wool is a breathable fiber and does not promote the growth of bacteria. It is also naturally more resistant to stains.

100% Wool Carpet
Prices vary, available through

Olli and Lime Wallpaper
Courtesy of Feel More Human

Eco-Chic Wallpaper

Olli and Lime offer an eco-friendly wallpaper, “George,” that is both healthy and chic for your nursery. In two eco-appealing colors, lime and milk chocolate, you’ll be the greenest mom around.

Why It’s Great: The wallpaper pattern also comes in crib bedding, toddler bedding, and matching wall art to complete the eco-conscious motif.

George Wallpaper
$80 (20.5 inches x 393 inches), available at

Courtesy of Jaya Loves Tekeko

Don't Be Square

The winsome characters on these pillow pals from Jaya Loves Tekeko add big personality to the nursery. They are soft on the outside, made with a blend of organic bamboo and organic cotton, and soft on the inside -- inserts are made with a 100% organic cotton shell.

Why It’s Great: Not only are the pillows soft, comfy, and colorful (thanks to water-based inks), but the covers are also removable and washable.

Jaya Loves Tekeko Pillows
Owlie Pillow, $62

Courtesy of John W. Golden

Good-bye Firefly

Nothing says childhood like a jarful of fireflies.

Why It’s Great: Spare the real fireflies by bringing in this alternative soothing print from Etsy to hang in your nursery.

The Enlightened Fireflies Print
$20, available at

Jungle Bed skirt by Gap
Courtesy of Gap

Organic Cheat Sheets

Baby Gap’s line of 100% organic cotton sheets covers everything from bumpers and bed skirts to blankets and sheets.

Why It’s Great: This line is available in stores and online, making it possible for everyone to have a little green and save green at the same time.

Jungle Bed Skirt
$42.50 at

GG1000B UV-C Pluggable Air Sanitizer
Courtesy of

Easy Breathing

The Germ Guardian is an air purifier that plugs into an electric socket. The Guardian’s fan draws in airborne germs that cause strep throat, colds, infections, and more.

Why It’s Great: It kills 99% of the targeted airborne germs, operates quietly, and also destroys strong odors from pets and cooking.

Germ Guardian Plug-In Air Purifier
$69.99, available at

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