Athens Idea House
Laurey W. Glenn

Soft and Soothing

A handsome four-poster bed is the focal point of the master suite of Southern Living's Athens Idea House. Plaid silk bedding and silk drapes add luxurious softness to the dark furnishings. The blue walls and warm vanilla armchairs repeat the colors found in the home's main gathering areas.

Cool Blue

The bedroom is your own private sanctuary, but beware what message you're sending by using it as a display case for your hobbies.

Stuffed animals are a no-no, as are too many tiny pillows. What looks good in a bedding store can appear fussy and high-maintenance at home -- not the message you're trying to send.

blue boys' room
Tim Street-Porter

Simple Look

A college-aged boy’s room shouldn’t be overly decorated, but it should be a nostalgic place filled with favorite items, like old baseball gloves and a lifeguard sign. A rug with bold stripes is a graphic touch with universal appeal.

bunk room
Robbie Caponetto

Camp-Style Fun

A bunk room is a great solution for a large family’s lakeside cottage. Each bunk has its own window and reading light, and the extra space created by stacking the beds leaves plenty of room for playing.

Canopy Bed with Crown Molding
Laurey W. Glenn

Fit for a Queen

This chic guest bedroom gets a little drama with a soft, flowing canopy, hung from a painted green crown.

Imagination Station Bunkroom
Laura Moss

Imagination Station

This kids' bunkroom was inspired by a trip to Morocco, and the colors and fabrics make it a fun place for kids and their imaginations.

Coastal Living Idea House Master Bedroom
Tria Giovan

Fabric Focus

An array of coordinating fabrics creates this dramatic look. Begin with one fabric that you love, and then bring in solids and other patterns in coordinating colors. In this master bedroom, the modern leaf print determined the color scheme.

A bed with framed art.
Langdon Clay

Funky Finds

Striped pillows and a favorite orange paint give cohesion to the boy's bedroom and bath. Inexpensive, unfinished wood frames from Hobby Lobby gain importance with a coat of Clementine by Farrell Calhoun "The mats cost more than anything else," Jill confides. A vintage kid's bike, painted in the same festive hue, brings in a bit of nostalgia.

Kids' Bunk Room
Laurey W. Glenn

Bunk Room Basics

High ceilings make this bunk room feel more spacious even though it sleeps four boys. A vintage bathroom door that reads "gentlemen" separates the boys' bedroom from the bath, and no space goes unused with floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcases.

Find Sanctuary Master Bedroom
Laurey W. Glenn

Find Sanctuary

The wall-to-wall headboard, upholstered in a subtle striped fabric, adds a sense of luxury to the room, and the skirted bedside table has a feminine flair. A row of casement windows above the bed, along with a pair of French doors leading outside, allow sunlight to stream into the room.

Blue and White Bedroom
Dominique Vorillon

Soft Hues

Fresh white and soft blue are the perfect hues for a coastal bedroom. Furniture with crisp, traditional lines makes this bedroom a peaceful haven.

Blue lamp with orange roses
Brie Williams

Vintage Sophistication

Mix vintage and modern pieces for a sophisticated look. The pop of yellow in the accent pillow and the array of patterns brings interest to the calming space.

These beds hang from the ceiling.
Jean Allsopp

Hangin' Out

In this room, teak platforms suspended from heavy-gauge rope take center stage, while a punchy orange-striped fabric on the wall and Roman shade create a seamless backdrop.

Engineered hardwood flooring echoes the rich graining of the bed platforms and offers tropical-wood appeal at a fraction of the cost. It’s environmentally friendly, too.

Great Graphics Guest Bedroom
Dominique Vorillon

Great Graphics

In this guest bedroom, bold brown-and-white geometric prints unify the space. Bright, white fabrics as bed linens, curtains, and chair upholstery lighten up the dark brown wall paint. Accent the space with bold geometric throw pillows and a fun colored blanket.

Restful Gray and White Bedroom
Jonn Coolidge

Restful Bedroom

Banishing clutter extends to the bed in this tailored room. There are no fussy pillows to remove at night, just good quality white sheets and rich bed hangings. A wicker side table conceals bedtime reading, and an antique garden bench at the foot of the bed offers a sculptural silhouette.

Tropical Punch Bedroom
Celia Pearson

Tropical Punch

Grass skirts make a festive canopy or bed skirt when trimmed. Use a fresh coat of paint to perk up a bedroom, but leave the linens white for balance.

Ultimate Sanctuary
Laurey W. Glenn; Robbie Caponetto

Ultimate Sanctuary

This master bedroom's graphic, orangey-red walls were made using a large, custom stencil. The graphic detail is mirrored in the bed linens as well. The room is softened by the jute rug and the washable, light blue linen slipcovered headboard.

Saffron Sanctuary Bedroom
Laurey W. Glenn; Robbie Caponetto

Saffron Sanctuary

The playful butterfly-patterned bed linens pull together this master bedroom's saffron-and-gray color scheme. A ledge above the bed serves as a casual alternative to a headboard and just the right spot for tossing a book or displaying a collection. An antique patchwork rug is layered over a textured jute rug to add an element of age to the room.

White bedding with purple ikat pillow
Erica George Dines

Blanketed in White

The lavendar ikat pillow's rectangular shape and colorful pattern contrast with the white palette. "I always like it when beds have punctuation -- this pillow is the exclamation point on the bed," says the designer.

Guest Room Getaway
Van Chaplin; Charles Walton IV

The large patterns of the wallpaper and curtains are an unexpected combination, which works because of the calming green and brown color palette. The fresh feel of the bedroom serves as a wonderful guest room.

Twin Set Guest Bedroom
Megan Thompson

Twin Set

A small guest room gets a dramatic treatment with paisley "headboards" topped by homemade valences created by drilling plywood with different-size bits. An arrangement of flea market mirrors and a painting fills the empty wall space between the beds with flair.

A girl's bedroom with a draped headboard.
Antoine Bootz and Jeff McNamara

Fairytale Fabrics

There's something about abundant draping that appeals to the girl in all of us. Even the double-layered bedskirt in this Southern Accents bedroom looks like a petticoat peaking out from a skirt.

Purple Shabby Chic Bedroom
IPC Images

Shabby Chic

Many of the pieces pictured in this bedroom are flea market finds. Unify mismatched pieces of furniture instantly by coating them all in white paint. For a bed that's irresistibly inviting, layer a variety of quilts, blankets, and throws.

Beach Suite Master Bedroom
J. Savage Gibson

Beach Suite

Natural materials such as matchstick blinds, bamboo drapery hardware, and a driftwood lamp lend rustic accents to the tailored furnishings.

Cozy Bedroom Nook
Tria Giovan

Charming Nook

Small spaces are always comforting, as long as they aren't cluttered. A slanted wall and bold wallpaper add visual impact and make this bedroom feel like a world of its own, though it's only a few square feet.

pair of lamps flanking the bed
Jeff McNamara

Style Master

A good-looking pair of lamps flanking the bed is an instant style update that’s practical, too. A classic pair of ceramic lamps is a great choice, but we also love wall-mounted sconces -- especially for late-night readers. A three-way bulb is a considerate touch.


Cozy Bedroom
Roger Davies

Darkened Wood

This bedroom's forest scene mural literally brings the outdoors inside. By restricting the mural to one wall and keeping the color scheme muted, this bedroom becomes cozy without being too surreal.

Cozy Bedroom
Thomas J. Story

Beautiful Boudoir

A glamorous bedroom can be cozy too. Luxurious bed linens, super soft throw pillows, and great lighting create a comfortable space no one will want to leave. Pink silk curtains like these cast a soft glow throughout the bedroom.

Bed Cabinet Guest Bedroom
Dominique Vorillon

Bed Cabinet

Homeowners call this guest bedroom a "bed cabinet." The sliding barn doors add character to the small bedroom without taking up precious space.

Globe Trotter Bedroom
Tria Giovan

Globe Trotter


A Canopy Can
Tria Giovan

A Canopy Can

Hang a draping canopy from the ceiling above a simple bed and headboard for a luxurious, tentlike space.

Blue tufted headboard with black poodle
Pieter Estersohn

Tall Order

A quiet palette of whites and blues allows the antiques to take center stage in this bedroom. Tactile fabrics such as velvets and silks add a luxurious element of texture. The ceiling height is accentuated by an extra-tall headboard and mirrors that flank the bed.

Yellow Guest Bedroom
Dominique Vorillon

Rays of Sunshine

Let a bold geometric print be the starting point for a room's entire color scheme. This lemon yellow-and-brown striped fabric is the focus of the entire room, but by pairing it with all-white bedding, it never overwhelms the space.

Beach Master Bedroom
Lisa Romerein

Light and Bright

The wall behind the master bed is painted pale blue, and the same hue extends to the wall outside. White bed linens and a patch of plush shag carpet make this master bedroom luxurious but understated.

Girly Bedroom
Laurey W. Glenn

Girl Glamour

Shades of pink and green make this room an unmistakable haven for a young girl. The soft green bed frame was a family heirloom that got a fresh coast of pastel paint. All new, modern light fixtures and a shag rug bring this fantasy bedroom into the 21st century.

Natural oats Boys' Bedroom
Laurey W. Glenn

Natural Oats

Vibrant green walls play well against the oatmeal carpet and organic, natural-colored bedding. Warm black finishes on the antique dresser and chalkboard provide color balance and aged texture.

Colorful Master Bedroom
Laura Moss

Rich Hues

Vibrant color doesn't always mean all-over color. This master bedroom uses saturated colors in contrasting hues for a big impact on select pieces.

Bright turquoise and brown bedroom
Erik Kvalsvik

Bold Hue

Custom-colored, hand-blocked fabric in a bold turquoise wraps this bedroom in style and comfort. The classic blue-and-brown palette is inspired by the late British tastemaker David Hicks. Though the room is filled with patterns and textures, their complementary tones create order.

Elegant Bedroom
Jeff McNamara

Elegant Retreat

This master bedroom is a serene and chic nest with tall French doors that open to a private walled garden. The tranquil yet cool palette of gray, beige, and aqua that fills the rest of the home extends into the master bedroom with the mix of silk, leopard print, and pale pink, giving this room an exotic yet still polished look.


Black and Blue Bedroom
Eric Piasecki

Hues in Blue

Fabric-covered walls in this master bedroom add a layer of solitude. The nightstands―a black-and-white inlaid chest and an Art Deco table―provide asymmetrical balance to a traditional brocade headboard.


Spot Color Kids' Room
Van Chaplin; Charles Walton IV

Colorful Kids' Room

The bright ikat of the daybed's canopy set against yellow walls with an acrylic coffee table makes for a colorful and chic kids' room sure to spike children's creativity.

Light Blue Bedroom
 Laurey w. Glenn

Restful Retreat

Creating a cozy bedroom like this one is simple when you combine the right ingredients: bedside tables even in height with the mattress, simple bedding to give the most versatile look, a mirror to reflect light and create a focal point, a soothing wall color, and a soft fluffy rug to bring warmth to the space.

Aqua Guest Bedroom
Paul Whicheloe

Guest Sweet

A tiny guest bedroom gets a dramatic treatment with pale aqua striped walls and a sparkling pendant light.

Churchill bedroom
Andreas von Einsidel

Prince Charming

Boys' rooms are tough. When the children are young, they're into sports, popular music, and all sorts of things that don't lend themselves to lovely wall decorations. Tailored stripes and plaids bring order to this 10-year-old boy's room.

White Bedroom
Tria Giovan

Sleep Serenely

A new addition to a charming old harbor-view cottage copied the house's paneling that covers the vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom. Linen blinds retract to maximize the splendid views.

Blue and White Bedroom
 Roger Davies

 Light-Filled Bedroom

A palette of gray, mauve, navy, and purple keeps the master bedroom serene, while the curtain fabric and rug add a vibrant, fun pattern.

Nautical Bedroom
 Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

 Nautical Retreat

This multipurpose room acts as an office, and because of the sleeping nook with daybed, it can also double as a guest room. Bold stripes and playful prints give this room a fun but not overdone nautical theme.

Layered Color Bedroom
 Tria Giovan

Layer It On

Create depth by layering on the details all in one color. Sticking with just one color―light green in this case―allows you to incorporate different patterns into the same room flawlessly.

bedroom with striped walls and blue-gray ceiling
Roger Davies

Plaids and Stripes

Though popular, white trim isn't your only option. Consider going up or down on the paint swatch to choose a shade, or take inspiration from a wallpaper or fabric in the room. Here, striped wallpaper inspired for the blue-gray trim and ceiling color. The glossy finish reflects the light, making the space seem more open and airy.

pink suzani beadspread
Pieter Estersohn

Pink Perfection

With diverse hues from blushing to shocking, the color pink is not just for little girls. We've gathered our favorite ideas to show you the diversity of this cheerful color.

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