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Instead of buying a wreath this Christmas, try crafting your own! All you'll need is string, a metal ring, fine-gauge wire, fresh greenery, wire cutters, and adornments like berries, bows, etc.


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Step 1: Wrap string around the ring, leaving a loop exposed for hanging. Then tightly wrap the metal wire around the string. You'll attach the boughs to the ring with this wire as you add them.

Step 2: Place a bundle of these boughs on the wire at a 45-degree angle. Secure the cluster of stems onto the metal ring with the wire. Each successive bundle should slightly overlap the one before so the wreath will look full.

Step 3: As the wreath grows, continue overlapping the boughs and winding the wire around the stem and metal ring. When the ring is completely covered, cut the wire and tuck the end away.

Step 4: Be creative with adornments. We used pinecones, cedar boughs, and fake holly berries (found at most art stores). To attach these, wind a piece of wire around item once, then send the two ends of the wire through front of wreath and twist the ends together in back, out of view.

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