November Checklist: More Tips
Thomas J. Story

More Tips

Shop for color: Some trees (like American sweet gum) develop color late in the season. This is the best time to scout nurseries for them -- you'll see just what you're getting.

Groom lawns: If you live where winters are very cold, mow one last time at two and a half inches, rake leaves before they mat up, and then edge.

Protect geraniums and fuchsias: Bring plants into a cool, dark, frost-free place for the winter. An unheated garage is usually fine. Water every two weeks until spring.

Save dahlias: Dig dahlia tubers after frost burns their tops, shake off the dirt, and let them dry before you put them in cool, frost-free storage for the winter.

Groom perennial borders: As you cut back perennials, leave those that have seed heads or dried flowers for a wintry touch (and bird food).

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