Hazelnut hull mulch
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Rob D. Brodman

Hazelnut Hulls

Good for general use and ideal for paths because hulls let water through easily and don’t stick to shoes. Most readily available in and around Oregon’s Willam­ette Valley. Apply 2 to 3 inches.

What exactly is mulch?
Generally speaking, mulch is any material that protects soil surface and allows air and water through. Mulch is useful over an area of bare soil and around planted areas. Organic mulches (derived from plant material) add nutrients over time and enrich overall soil composition, so they’re hard to beat.

Compost, aged manure, raked leaves, pine needles, and thin layers of lawn clippings (as long as they’re herbicide and pesticide free) all work for various situations. You can also opt for an inorganic mulch such as gravel, granite, or stone.

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