Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter
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Upside-Down Tomatoes

Put away the cages, stakes, and pesticides. This foolproof planter is perfect for the porch or patio, and the kids can watch the plants grow.

Plus, when it’s time to harvest, they can pluck the fruits straight from the vine, and if you’re lucky, help prepare the dinner.

Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter
Available from Kids Gardening Store

TickleMe Plant Seeds
Courtesy of the National Gardening Association

Move Over Elmo

These seeds mature into plants that really live up to their name. The mimosas’ leaves will actually contract when their touched, making them interactive plants.

They're also speedy growers. They go from seed to ticklish plant in just about a month, so the little ones won’t grow too impatient waiting for the plants to develop.

TickleMe Plant Seeds
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Kid's watering cans
Courtesy of Smith & Hawken

Just Their Size

Watering the plants may sound like a chore, but when your helpers have tools that are their size and come in cheerful colors, it suddenly turns into a fun activity.

Kids' Haws Watering Cans
Available from Smith & Hawken

Eat a Rainbow Kit
Courtesy of the National Gardening Association

Colors of the Rainbow

Having trouble getting your children to eat their vegetables? Make it a fun experience by letting them grow their own!

With a kid-friendly veggie garden, you can teach them about nutrition, gardening, colors, and flavors -- all at the same time! Get growing with broccoli, carrots, and many more fresh selections.

Eat a Rainbow Kit
Available exclusively from

Hunter Wellies for kids
Courtesy of Smith & Hawken

Suit Up

These boots are made for gardening! They are so cute, I wouldn’t mind having a pair myself. And being made of rubber, you can hose them right off (the boots, not the kids) when playtime is over.

Hunter Wellies for Kids
$48 (on sale)
Available from Smith & Hawken

Dot Ladybug Gardening Set
Courtesy of Insect Lore

Let's Get Digging

For the little one who loves plants and gardens, he or she will need their own set of tools. These come in a variety of “bug” colors, and with an apron, a shovel, gloves, and a cultivator, the little gardeners can really get their hands dirty and feel like they’re a huge help.

Dot Ladybug Gardening Set
Available from Insect Lore

Enchanted Garden Stones
Courtesy of Target

Personalized Paths

When the weather heats up and school lets out, you can never have enough activities or projects on hand.

This kit is great because it comes with everything you need, and it allows children to be creative and make keepsakes for your home, or for a close friend or relative.

Enchanted Garden Stones
Available from Target

Radio Flyer Toy Wheelbarrow
Courtesy of Radio Flyer

Help With the Chores

The sweet little boy who lives across the street from us is always following behind his dad with his mini outdoor tools, and this wheelbarrow made me think of him. It’s fully functional, so the kids can have fun while pitching in on the weekends.

Radio Flyer Toy Wheelbarrow
$32.99 (on sale)
Available from

Kids' BUG Leather Palm Gloves
Courtesy of Lowe's

Gardening Gloves

Little hands need little gloves, and for your hard worker, this inexpensive option will do the trick. They come in a variety of bright colors, so the prince and princess on your list will be happy.

Kids’ BUG Leather Palm Gloves
Available from Lowe’s

Planetarium Garden Lab
Courtesy of FAO Schwarz

How Do Plants Grow?

From the scientists at NASA, this cool little garden is hard to pass up. The seeds (basil, cucumber, and tomato) are planted in this funky, colorful gel, allowing your own scientists to watch them grow, even underground! And when the plants are ready, they can be planted directly into the soil.

Planetarium Garden Lab
Available from FAO Schwarz

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