Yellow and purple mums around a pond
Van Chaplin

Mellow Yellow

Southern Living associate garden editor Rebecca Bull Reed takes you through Bellingrath Gardens and Home for easy planting tips to paint your garden with mums

Mellow Yellow

Yellow mums work well with all colors. If you like your display to look like a homecoming float, team it with purple, as seen here. For a more subdued look, try white.

Purple belgian flowers line a flower bed
Van Chaplin

Plant a Pretty Border

Having only one color is never wrong. Teamed with 'Autumn Amethyst' Encore Hybrid azaleas, these purple Belgians look elegant.

Yellow parakeet mums
Van Chaplin

Keep What You Can

Don't rip out all your summer annuals when planting for fall. 'Alabama Sunset' coleus look great next to vivid yellow 'Parakeet' mums.

Baby pinks around a pond with a fountain
Van Chaplin

Make a Big Impression

Some of the cascade mums also make great bedding plants. Here, lavender 'Baby Pink' echoes the soothing mood of a nearby water feature.

A flower bed of sage and chrysanthemums
Van Chaplin

Get This Look

Try teaming forsythia sage (Salvia madrensis) with later flowering 'Perfect Joy' and 'Gum Drop' chrysanthemums. To keep the sage in check, cut it back by half as late as August so it will be the ideal height (5 feet tall) in November. For cooler regions, we suggest you cut back in late June. Like the mums, this sage appreciates full sun and moist but not well-drained soil.

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