Ornamental kale and lights
Robbie Caponetto

Kale 2 Ways

We offer two different options to light up your entry with kale -- a potted version and a hanging kale version. Each option looks great, but doing both on the porch looks simply spectacular for fall.

pots of kale
Robbie Caponetto

Option 1: Planted Kale

What You'll Need
•3 terra-cotta pots (8-inch, 12-inch, and 16-inch)
•1 large bag of potting soil
•9 to 11 (1-gallon) kale plants
•3 strands battery-operated lights
•6 C-size batteries

Step 1:
Fill the largest pot two-thirds full with potting soil and fertilizer. Place the medium-sized pot in the center of the larger pot, and fill medium pot as described above. Center smallest pot in medium-sized pot, and add soil and fertilizer. Water well.

battery lights in kale
Robbie Caponetto

Light the Container

Step 2:
Add several strings of lights throughout the kale. Conceal the battery pack in base of the plants.

Hanging kale
Robbie Caponetto

Option 2: Hanging Kale

What You'll Need:
•1 (8- to 10-inch) pot
•1 medium-sized round wire form
•1 (410-cubic-inch) bag of dried decorative moss
•1 roll of wired plant tie (or several trash bag ties)
•1 small bag of potting soil with fertilizer or add Osmocote (2 tablespoons)
•8 to 12 (4-inch) kale plants
•2 strings of battery-operated lights
•4 C-size batteries
•Large J-hooks or hanging basket hooks

lining the topiary
Robbie Caponetto

Fill the Form

Step 1:
Line the topiary form on all sides with sheet moss, securing it with pieces of covered wire.

planting kale
Robbie Caponetto

Plant Your Kale

Step 2:
Gently tease off any excess soil from a kale plant. Beginning at the bottom of the form, pull moss apart to make a small opening and insert plant.

filling in the topiary
Robbie Caponetto

Fertilize and Fill

Step 3:
As you plant, fill with soil and fertilizer until all sides are covered with kale, spacing plants about 3 inches apart. The plants will fill out in about 3 to 4 weeks.

Tip: We used an empty pot to balance the form. This allowed us to plant the lowest kale first without crushing it as we continued up the sides.

Hanging globes of kale
Cottage Living, Robbie Caponetto

Light and Hang

Step 4:
Add strings of battery-operated lights, hiding the battery box inside the form, and hang from a sturdy hook.

To Learn more about kale check out CottageLiving.com.

-- Kate Karam, Cottage Living

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