Frog fountain
Douglas Hill

Frog Fountain

What's more soothing than the sound of waves crashing on the shore? The sound of moving water is one of the most inherently soothing forms of white noise (no wonder we all love waterside vacations!), but you don't have to invest in a digital wave sound machine to bring that feeling back from the beach. Incorporating water into your landscaping can be just as effective. Answer our quick questions to get ideas flowing for your new feature.

Idea No. 1:

A quirky amphibian fountain adds a splash of fun to your pool. Find water-squirting animal statues at Lawn Ornaments and Fountains.

Dog fountain
Shelley Metcalf

How Much Water?

Are you envisioning a large pond with a waterfall or a simple bubbling fountain? Garden stores offer countless styles of pedestal fountains that you can easily install in a weekend, but for bigger projects, hire a professional. You can do it the old-fashioned way by asking friends for their landscaper recommendations, or visit a Web site such as Angie's List to view the ratings of contractors in your area.

Idea No. 2:

This three-tier waterfall flows seamlessly into the garden's stone wall. Find fun animal fountains at Lawn Ornaments and Fountains.

Simple concrete fountain
Brian Vanden Brink

Fountain Upkeep

Cleaning out a birdbath is one thing, but maintaining a koi pond is quite another. Fountains with a constant flow of running water will require only a small amount of maintenance (unless the plumbing breaks), while you'll need to change the water in a pond on a regular basis. Remember that your water feature is supposed to be relaxing -- don't take on more work than you want to deal with!

Idea No. 3:

Relax after a long day with this simple concrete fountain that combines classic form and comforting function. Visit Garden Fountains for similar styles.

Urn fountain
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

What's Your Style?

Fountain styles found at your local garden store or on the Internet range from concrete geometric shapes to bronze cherubs. Select a fountain that suits your home's architectural style to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing effect. If you have a rustic cabin, try a waterfall built from local stone. Modern homeowners may prefer an abstract fountain flowing into a large concrete pool. Whatever you fancy, don't stress over the options -- above all, a fountain should be relaxing!

Idea No. 3:

Turn a traditional planter into a bubbling fountain. If you don't already have an urn in mind, find one online at Garden Planters.

Sculptural fountain
Howard L. Puckett

Make A Statement

Idea No. 5:

Make a bold statement with a sculptural fountain reminiscent of those found in the gardens of great European villas. Find examples like the one shown here at Roman Fountains.

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