A wooden raised bed filled with strawberry plants.
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Robbie Caponetto

What You'll Need

Weed barrier cloth
7 (2-cuic-foot) bags potting soil
7 (2-cuic-foot) bags planting mix
1 (2-pound) bag 10-10-10- fertilizer
36 to 48 bare-root strawberry plants

The bounty you can expect from 3 feet by 10 feet by 18 inches bed

Amount of berries ripe for the picking: 1 1/2 pounds per square foot or 45 pounds total

What's a pound? a little under 2 pints or about 6 cups whole berries

You can buy a bed online at yardiac.com , or make this raised bed yourself in a few hours with our step-by-step plans and some basic tools.

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