Circular ivy topiary
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What Ivy Wants

Water: Potted ivy needs good drainage and should never be left in standing water. Allow the upper inch of soil to become dry to the touch before watering.

Light: Ivy needs some sun to grow and prefers the medium to bright filtered light found at the north- and east-facing windows. Avoid direct sun.

Food: Feed once a month with a liquid fertilizer according to package directions. Apply to soil only.

Pests: Scale and spider mites are the most common culprits. Keep plant clean by removing dead leaves from soil surface. Place it in the shower every so often and rinse with warm water to remove dust. If insects appear, spray with insecticidal soap.

Pruning: Keep on it. Ivy plants will become bushy and the topiary will lose its shape unless snipped and clipped. With clean, sharp pruners, clip just above where the new branch meets the stem.

By Kate Karam, Cottage Living

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