A shed transformed into a guest room

Transformed Shed

Michael Pelkey’s Key West cottage had everything he needed -- except a guest bedroom. So he didn’t waste any time transforming the shed out back into exactly what he knew his visitors would love.

“It was just a flat-roofed shed, but it did have running water and a washing machine,” he says. At 8 feet by 9 feet, there wasn’t a lot of floor space, but he wanted his guests to have a full-size, comfortable bed.

To accommodate the need for sleeping space and storage, Michael built the bed on a platform with drawers below. On all the walls, he added built-in bookshelves to display reading materials and decorative objects.

About This Cottage
Location: Key West, Fla.
Size: 8 feet by 9 feet
Who designed it? Homeowner Michael Pelkey

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