A Moss-Lined Wire Produce Basket

Convenient Herb Gardens

Bring the garden to your kitchen window, and keep your clippers handy. A moss-lined wire produce basket becomes a windowbox filled with 'Spicy Globe' basil, parsley, and a few flowers.

Plant pots with only one type of herb, or treat your containers as small mixed gardens. Combining them makes a pretty display if you choose compatible selections. Light and water requirements vary, so pair those with similar attributes for success. Here are a few good combinations we've found work well.

  • Aromatic collection: Plant oregano, sage, thyme, rosemary, and bay together to make a great-looking container. These Mediterranean herbs require a lot of sunlight and fairly dry soil. Remember, though, pots dry out faster than the garden, so water is still a must.
  • Basil: Choose several different selections for an interesting arrangement. Mix the common sweet kind with 'Purple Ruffles,' 'Siam Queen,' and lemon basil. If you're short on space, the petite selections of 'Spicy Globe' and 'Piccolo' pair nicely.
  • Lemon herb garden: For wonderful citrusy fragrance, try lemongrass, lemon thyme, lemon geraniums, lemon basil, and lemon verbena.

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