8 Great Plants for Wow!
Joseph De Sciose and Allen Rokach

Jungle Love

The first time I saw 'Jungle Gold' impatiens, I considered sneaking over at night and stealing it. It's so cool -- yellow impatiens with flowers that look like orchids. Unlike dwarf forms of impatiens, this one becomes a stout little shrub with thick, upright stems. Clusters of butter yellow flowers with dark red markings inside stand tall atop glossy foliage. (What other shade plant gives that color in summer?) A bit slow to start flowering at first, 'Jungle Gold' takes off as the summer wears on. Plant a sweep in fertile soil, or grow it in a pot.

'Jungle Gold' Impatiens
Type: annual or frost-tender perennial
Size: 15 to 18 inches tall and wide
Light: shade
Soil: moist, well drained
Water: often during warm, dry weather

SOURCE: Available at garden centers.

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