8 Great Plants for Wow!
Joseph De Sciose and Allen Rokach

Black and Beautiful

If you really want people to notice your garden, plant something with enormous purplish-black leaves. The best candidate I know is 'Black Magic' elephant's ear (Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic'). Growing from a tuber, this tropical-looking marvel sprouts an army of arrowhead-shaped leaves up to three feet long that are the color of night. Try combining it with yellow or orange flowers or with finely textured plants, such as ornamental grasses. Because it tolerates wet soil, you can plant it at the edge of a pond or in a pot that lacks a drainage hole.

'Black Magic' Elephant's Ear
Type: perennial from tuber
Size: up to 5 feet tall and wide
Light: sun or light shade
Soil: fertile, wet or well drained
Water: ample
Divide: Tubers can be divided in late fall or early spring.
Nice to know: The bigger the tubers, the bigger the leaves.


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