A mirror brights the garden
Michael S. Thompson

Brighten on a Budget

An inexpensive way to brighten a dark corner is to hang a mirror that reflects light from sunnier parts of the garden.

Here, not only does the looking glass remedy a black hole, but it also makes plants and flowers seem to stretch into an adjacent space.

outdoor dining space
Thomas J. Story

Stand in the Garden

Tall hedges can subdivide a garden in a way that guarantees privacy and creates a pretty backdrop. A wall or a fence might have been just as serviceable for this intimate dining alcove, but neither would have matched the simple elegance of these green partitions.

A patio and chairs
Janet Loughrey Photography

Something for Everyone

This garden was designed to accommodate work and relaxation, with areas devoted to each activity in close proximity.

A pair of Adirondack chairs looks out on a lively arrangement of container plants. Situated discreetly around the corner, a potting bench keeps tools and other gear organized.

A padded bench
Melba Levick

Take a Seat

In this small garden, the padded bench beside the dining table doubles as a daybed for the occasional post-lunch siesta. The wall, which screens out unwanted sights and sounds, introduces a splash of Tuscan color and catches the shadow play of nearby palms.

A hiding spot for your bike
Judy White/GardenPhotos.com

Stack the Deck

With space at a premium on this deck, custom walls and cabinets create several user-friendly options.

Plants lift the garden to knee level and above, creating easy access for cultivation and maintenance. Built-in storage keeps a bicycle out of sight but within reach when it’s needed.

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