This house was built in just five weeks.

Inside the mkLotus house

Built at an all-green factory in Oroville, California, and then trucked to a lawn across from San Francisco City Hall (where in just two days it was assembled and furnished), the mkLotus house was the main attraction at the 2007 West Coast Green Conference + Expo.

Created with the goal of showing how eco-friendly a home can be, this one-bedroom, 725-square-foot prefab house uses sustainable materials throughout.

Everything in this living room is eco-friendly -- even the green walls.
Thomas J. Story

Elements of Green

Key details in every room express the environmentally friendly theme, from permanent features like cabinetry and wall tile to finishing touches like bedding and tabletop decor.

The living space has a Forest Stewardship Council–certified Caribbean rosewood floor. A rattan lamp emits an ambient glow, and a bamboo pendant over the dining counter provides focused light. Cabinet veneers are FSC-certified walnut, and the counters are concrete. The sofa bed's frame is made of kraft paper twisted over steel wire.

The blue-streaked doors of this closet are made of recycled material.
Thomas J. Story


Translucent doors of 40% recycled plastic resin embedded with grasses add depth to a compact bedroom and let in light.

These plates and utensils are made of bamboo and silk.
Thomas J. Story

Dining Table

Bio-degradable bamboo plates and utensils on bamboo-and-silk placemats create a natural setting. A reclaimed-cork bowl acts as a centerpiece and rounds out the tableau.

This green-tiled shower stall is eco-friendly.
Thomas J. Story


Recycled-glass subway tile envelops the shower in soothing shades of green. A low-flow showerhead helps manage water usage.

The cherry bed was sustainably harvested.
Thomas J. Story


The sustainably harvested cherry bed has an oil-and-wax finish; it's warmed with a bedspread of 100% wool. The side table is a fallen ironwood's stump; a rattan chair and recycled leather-belt rug make a cozy sitting nook.

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