A collection of books and vases on top of a shelf.
Tria Giovan

Collective Traits

Objects work best together when they share a trait. This collection features vases in both glass and pottery, all in gourd shapes.

A lamp and some knick knacks on top of a marble shelf.
Tria Giovan

Similar Sets

The same goes for this display of veined stone -- the tabletop, lamp base, and figurine -- and wood pieces, grouped into like sets. The frame on the wall shares traits of both.

Glass plates hung on the wall of a landing.
Tria Giovan

Hanging Glass

Paintings and photography aren't the only things that can be hung on walls. Here freeform glass bowls are displayed in a hallway.

Two pink, circular, feather headdresses above a desk.
Tria Giovan

Exotic Display

African headdresses above a desk make for especially intriguing displays.

Two examples of multiple frames hung together.
Tria Giovan, Howard L. Puckett

Multiple Impact

Just about everything benefits from being hung in multiples. Witness these fish-eye mirrors and soft botanical prints: both would have had less impact hung solo.

A collection of plates on resting on the wainscot of a dining room wall.

Creative Display

The designer of this room made creative use of the molding along the top of the wainscoting: She hung a painting and collection of plates to look as if they're propped on the ledge. The height of the wainscoting makes it work.

A set of four frames surrounding a mirrored dresser.
Antoine Bootz, Jeff McNamara

Keep It Close

Furnishings and wall hangings can often feel like exactly that: a group of furnishings with a group of wall hangings floating above it. To make everything cohere, this mirror and botanical prints were hung close together and low to the dresser.

Plates displayed over a mantel.
Antoine Bootz, Jeff McNamara

Classic Space

Mantels and the wall space above them are classic spots for displaying cherished art and objects, but the mouth of the fireplace is often a missed opportunity. This one contains a porcelain piece that matches those on and above the mantel.

Adapted from Design Idea Book, Oxmoor House, 2007

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