Kitchen Blackboard
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Rob D. Brodman

Getting Started

Communicating with a busy household is much easier when your message center is tailor-made to fit your space and your needs.
 These supplies and dimentions make the message board pictured; adjust if needed.

What You'll Need
- Wood picture frame (frames with flat trim work best for attaching the supply tray)
- Painter's tape
- Custom cut piece of hardboard (same dimensions as picture frame-- 1/8 inch thick fiberboard)
- Drop Cloth
- 1 can of chalkboard spray paint
- 1 small can of magnetic paint
- Small paint roller
- Sandpaper
- Tack glue
- Divided drawer organizer tray
- Wood glue
- Clamps (or large binder clips)
- Paint brush
- 1 small can of paint for frame

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