A hallway with the hardwood floor painted with chocolate brown checkboard pattern.

Reason 1

It's an easy weekend project. A can of porch paint and a brush are all you need to get started.

A detailed shot of a light wood floor painted with chocolate brown accents.

Reason 2

It's less expensive than refinishing and staining old hardwood floors.

A cottage bedroom with a window seat and floors painted in brick red.

Reason 3

Paint hides flaws and imperfections in the floor. You even can cover existing concrete or linoleum.

A bedroom with a neutral color scheme and white painted floors.

Reason 4

It easily suits any look, from traditional to modern.

An open kitchen with all white walls and cabinetry, with floors painted in a light striped pattern.

Reason 5

We love patina, and a painted floor not only withstands everyday use, but also gets better with age.

A neutral cottage living room with floors painted in a khaki and white checkered pattern.

Reason 6

It helps define small spaces and makes an entry, bath, or hallway stand out from the rest of your house.

An entryway with a detailed painted floor design in a square pattern.

Reason 7

It's a fun conversation piece.

A bedroom decorated in bright colors with a grass green painted floor.

Reason 8

A painted floor instantly brightens any space.

A bedroom decorated in cottage yellow and hunter green with a yellow and whited plaid floor.

Reason 9

Whether you choose plaid, stripes, or diamonds, there's no better way to add large-scale pattern to a room.

A light and bright kitchen with a khaki and white checkered floor.

Reason 10

A painted floor is easy to maintain; just mop with soap and water.

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