Black and White Curtains
Robbie Caponetto

Add Rickrack Curtain Trim

Widen the appearance of any window by adding horizontal stripes of rickrack to your curtains. Black and white give a more geometric look and update traditional rooms. To keep the line level, first draw lightly across the width of the curtain with a pencil and ruler. Use adhesive to attach the trim along the line. Leave extra rickrack at the edge to wrap around large buttons that close the panels for privacy.

Stitching and the Button
Robbie Caponetto

Notice the Details

The stitching in this button is faux. Just loop a piece of thread through the button in an X pattern, knot it off in the back, and then glue the button onto the curtain for a finished look.

Handblocked Print Curtains
Robbie Caponetto

Add a Band of Color

Consider a bold shade of red to warm up a room. A fabric with a graphic pattern, such as this hand-blocked print, provides a vivid contrast against the plain panels. To carry off this look, the fabric should be roughly 17 inches in depth. (This is not a set measurement, but make it large enough to have a strong presence.) Start by determining how high you want the fabric panel -- pin it in place, and look before you cut. We used hot glue for this project, but any type of fabric adhesive will do.

Curtain Details
Robbie Caponetto

Notice the Pattern

A little pattern can go a long way. If the idea of floor-to-ceiling florals makes you wince, go for a small dose of the design. (This is also a good way to incorporate a fabric you love that's not in your budget for whole panels.) Depending on the width of your curtains, you shouldn’t need more than a yard of fabric for this quick fix.

Neutral Panels with Embroidery
Robbie Capenetto

Add a Pretty Trim

Brighten a neutral panel with strips of crewelwork from your local fabric store. The embroidered pattern keeps the panel from looking too solid and frames the outline of the windows.

Crewelwork on Curtains
Robbie Caponetto

Crewel Details

For a more tailored look we cut the ends of the crewelwork at a 45-degree angle so the strips meet cleanly at the top and don't overlap.

Pair Of Tab-top Curtains
Robbie Caponetto

Gather the Goods

• Pair of tab-top curtains (we found ours at Target for $19.99 per panel)
• Adhesive (self-fastening strips, hot glue, or fusible fabric web)
• Your favorite fabric, trim, or buttons

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