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Your floor area is square feet, which means you'll need a minimum of that much flooring to cover it. That's not the amount you'll need to buy, though.

First, add about 10 percent for waste and cuts, which means you'll need at least

square yards. You'll need more depending on the repeat of the pattern, and how many places you need to match that pattern along a seam. (Your flooring may come in 6-foot-wide or 12-foot-wide rolls, which will determine whether or not you'll have a seam.) Take an accurate diagram of your layout to the store with you to make sure you order enough.

You'll probably need to let the flooring sit in the room where it will be laid for several days before you can install it, so read the manufacturer's instructions. And don't skimp on the recommended amounts of adhesive and other materials you'll need — the most beautiful floor in the world won't look great if it doesn't stay put.

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