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Here's an easy Halloween tradition to start with your family. Instead of using a standard trick or treat bag to carry candy, try this custom pail as a terrific alternative that kids will have fun making themselves.

The bucket is simple to decorate and can be easily adapted to suit each child?s tastes and preferences.

What you will need:

Step 1: Purchase several colorful plastic pails, similar to ones you use at the beach to make sand castles. The size of the pails should be relative to the size of the child. You don?t want them to be weighed down with a bulky bucket while walking the neighborhood for treats.

Step 2: Use paint pens to customize the pails, and write the child's name or initials on the outside. (Let the kids choose their own colors.)

Tip: Make sure the paint has dried before kids begin handling the pails. Use a hair dryer on medium heat to speed up the process. Paint pen residue is much harder to remove than washable markers.

Step 3: Let your kids get creative, using stickers, glitter glue, ribbon, and streamers to decorate their pails. (Glow-in-the-dark stickers will create a cool effect when they sport their pails at night.

Tip: Print out your own stickers by using adhesive sheets of paper. You can use Halloween graphics found online, or personalize the stickers with pictures of your kids in last year?s Halloween costumes. Also, it?s a smart idea to write a cell phone number on the bottom of each child?s pail -- just in case any witches or ghosts get mixed up while trick-or-treating.

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