Painted metal fixtures
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Colin Peterson

Heavy Metal Painting

As with any material you want to paint, start with a clean, dry surface.

Step 1: Thoroughly sand and repair any signs of corrosion, peeling paint, or rust. Use a scraper or wire brush if necessary. (Don’t forget to wear eye protection and a good dust mask.)

Step 2: Clean the surface with a detergent-and-water solution.

Step 3: Remember to use a primer! This will allow the paint to stick to the metal. If there’s rust, use a rust inhibitive primer. If the metal is ferrous (metal made from iron-like sheet metal, wrought iron, or castings), use a suitable primer. For galvanized metal (gutters, downspouts), wash and rinse thoroughly before painting to clean off any zinc chromate on the surface. Finally, be sure that the paint you’re using is suitable for using on metal.

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