Light blue painted ceiling
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Southern Accents, Andreas von Einsiedel

The Roof Over Your Head

Tricky and often tedious, painting a ceiling can be a challenge. Make sure you have all the materials at hand, especially a paint roller with an extension handle (this is your new B.F.F.). An extension handle is much easier than standing on your toes or on a stepladder the whole time. For drywall, use a roller with a smooth nap; for textured ceilings, use a thick-nap roller to get full coverage over all those bumps.

Step 1: Remove all the furniture you don’t want dripped upon, and use drop cloths. Use painter’s tape to mask around the trim.

Step 2: Prime the ceiling, and it’s likely that you’ll only need one coat of paint.

Step 3: Start painting a cut-in line with a brush where the ceiling meets the wall, then while the paint is still wet, start using the roller until you’re done. Presto, new ceiling.