White brick painted home
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Laurey W. Glenn

She’s a Brick, House

Step 1: Save your elbows, and clean the brick with a pressure washer. The better you do the prep, the better and longer lasting your paint job. You can also prep difficult stains with a scrub brush and a small amount of laundry detergent mixed with water. Remove ALL loose paint (if there is any), and repair any missing mortar.

Step 2: Prime the brick and mortar with an acrylic masonry primer. Caulk any gaps to keep water from getting under the paint and prematurely ruining your work. Remember: oil-based paint over water-based paint, but never water over oil without priming first.

Step 3:Finally, rent or borrow a paint sprayer for the final exterior coat(s). Elastomeric paint is an excellent exterior finish (and works for wood or stucco too), as is a 100% acrylic house paint.

Some good exterior paints to try:
Aura ® Exterior
Behr Elastometric

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