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Here's how many ceramic tiles you'll need to cover the area calculated. Remember that this is just an estimate; you may need more, depending on your specific layout. We've figured in a 10 percent cushion for waste, but you'll need more if you have a lot of corners to tile around (every cut piece involves some waste). You'll need more if you're laying tiles on the diagonal or doing an intricate tile pattern. To be sure you're ordering enough, draw a diagram of your layout and take it with you to the tile store.


Total floor area in square feet:

Number of 4-inch tiles required:

Number of 4 1/4-inch tiles required:

Number of 6-inch tiles required:

Number of 8-inch tiles required:

Number of 9-inch tiles required:

Number of 12-inch tiles required:

Number of 18-inch tiles required:

Keep in mind that many tile stores only sell tiles in full cartons, which will also affect how much you need to buy. If each carton contains 25 tiles and you need 125, you'll need five cartons. If you need 126, you'll need six cartons. Don't despair - it's always a good idea to have extra tiles left over for future repairs.

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