display of apothecary jars
Emily Jenkins Followill

Jeepers Creepers

A display of apothecary jars in the dining room contains the venomous and vicious. It’s simple to build a haunted scene with inexpensive props and items you may already have. We raided the glass canisters from the kitchen and bath and filled them with specimens.

Similar apothecary jars: Available at Pottery Barn

Burlap bags, tied with rope
Emily Jenkins Followill

Picked to the Bone

Burlap bags, tied with rope, spill their contents onto a bottom shelf. Trick your friends (or your ex) with labels bearing their names. We penned our favorites on scrap fabric and attached them with orange hemp stitches.

Bag o' Bones: Available at Grandin Road

Creepy critters stuffed into apothecary jars
Emily Jenkins Followill

Creepy Crawlies

Creepy critters stuffed into apothecary jars create a gruesome spectacle: prickly spiders, slithering snakes, and beady eyes. The specimens are readily available online and at discount stores stocked for Halloween.

Spiders and Snakes

Available at Halloween Express

Gnarled branches, anchored in urns
Emily Jenkins Followill

Twisted Trees

Gnarled branches, anchored in urns, provide a landing spot for a snowy owl. Gather twisted branches from your backyard and arrange in a planter to create this eerie cobwebbed display.

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