William Dickey

Paperwhite Preparation

What You'll Need:

• Black spray paint (for plastic)
• 12-inch-diameter plastic garden pot
• Potting soil
• 3 (6-inch) pots paperwhite narcissus
• Snowflake stencil (purchase one, or cut your own)
• Thick, silver acrylic craft paint
• 1 bag fluffy, flaky faux snow
• Spray adhesive
• 2 bags faux ice
• Newspaper
• Tape
• Sponge
• Ornaments

Spray paint a pot
William Dickey

Painting Paperwhites

Step 1: Spray-paint the plastic pot. Apply a second coat, if needed.

Note: Assemble all of the materials in a well-ventilated workspace. Cover the area with newspaper.

Sponge paint a snowflake
Southern Living, William Dickey

Stencil a Snowflake

Step 2: Tape the snowflake stencil to the pot, and dab on the silver paint with the sponge. Carefully remove the stencil (pull tape slowly so it doesn’t pull black paint from the pot), and repeat the process until you have the desired pattern.

Make a snowscape
William Dickey

Faux Snow

Step 3: Pile faux snow on the work surface. Wrap a piece of newspaper under the pot's rim to avoid getting adhesive on the sides of the container. Spray adhesive on the rim, following label instructions. Roll pot rim in the snow until it is covered.

Plant the paperwhites
William Dickey

Plant Paperwhites

Step 4: Fill the container two-thirds full with potting soil. (Don't spill any on the snowy rim.) Remove paperwhites from their pots, and replant them in their new home. Fill in around the bulbs with more potting mix as needed. Water the container to settle the soil. Top it off with faux ice, and add ornaments around the bases of the plants.

A close up of paperwhites in a container
William Dickey

Growing Tips

When growing these plants outdoors, purchase pots of growing bulbs that are in bud for maximum bloom time. Paperwhites love cool weather (down to 28 degrees F). Water them every few days, and expect flowers to last about three weeks. Plants that are not in direct sun will last the longest.

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