Green makes a lush porch
Courtesy of Southern Living

Patio Party

Why we love it: A foliage-filled porch makes a wonderful setting for a holiday party. For a pleasing contrast to the greenery, fill a glass hurricane with seasonal fruits and a pillar candle.

What makes it work: Clay pots, leaf place mats, and bronze-handled flatware lend the textures of the garden to the table.

Steal this look: Tie a silver shovel with ribbon to create a garden-inspired napkin ring.

And make your own place mats. Arrange magnolia leaves on a piece of cardboard or canvas backing and glue them in place with a glue gun. (Flatten them under a stack of books.) To prevent leaves from curling, preserve them in a liquid glycerin solution (available in craft stores.)

Poster Bed
Tria Giovan

Cozy Bedroom

Why we love it: It's so indulgent, with yards of fresh greenery decorating a place that most likely only you and your sweetie will see.

What makes it work: It's excessive but simple. There are no glass ornaments wired to the garland, no swags, and no lights. You may want to stick to an artificial garland to avoid a bed full of pine needles.

Steal this idea: Buy a few yards of fresh garland, or make your own. Drape it over your bed, a mirror, framed artwork, or a window in your bedroom to enjoy as you tuck yourself in for a long winter's nap.

Bedroom with Holiday Accents
Tria Giovan

Cheerful Bedroom

It's so over the top -- the idea of a Christmas outfit for your bedding. But we admire someone, like the designer of this Southern Accents room, who plans this thoroughly.

Thanksgiving Table of Plenty
Miki Duisterhoff

Why We Love It

It's not only formal and proper, but it's also exuberant and stylish -- sure to please mothers-in-law and posh cousins alike.

A dining room table with natural plants.

Casual Dining Room

Why we love it: This neutral-colored holiday table is mix-and-match made marvelous. The wooden table is dressed up for Thanksgiving with pastoral elegance. The flatware and chairs are all from different sets, but you would never know it when looking at this cohesive setting.

A room with garland draped on a set of carved antlers and two mirrors.

Rustic Living Room

Why we love it: The carved antlers are a favorite decorative accessory, and draped with a garland of fir and magnolia leaves in this Southern Accents living room, they're irresistible.

What makes it work: There are notable absences here: the color red and miniature lights. The restraint in decoration ensures that the holiday decor honors the basic design of the rustic room.

Steal this idea: Look for opportunities to hang garland around the house. A mirror over a sideboard, an open shelf in the kitchen, even a pretty window can all lend themselves to festive attire.

Christmas Tree in the Foyer
Antoine Bootz

Why We Love It

The Christmas tree right inside the front door is such a welcoming display to greet guests and establish a festive tone for the house. In a room that might appear severe, the softening effects of the tree are especially welcome.

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