New Year's Eve Party
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Jean Allsopp
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Inexpensive and easy to make, this festive basket greets guests and gives a hint of the night to come.

To make the arrangement: Start with a cone-shaped woven basket, and gently squeeze the sides to create an oval shape with a relatively flat back. Remove the metal chain, and replace it with ribbons to reach the desired height. Fill the cone with florist foam, securing it with floral tape. Soak the foam in water before filling the cone.

Top with reindeer moss, allowing it to loosely fall over the outer edges. Secure with florist pins. Insert fresh agapanthus flower stems (or any brightly colored, thick-stem medium bloom) into the foam, and fluff moss around as needed. For extra sparkle, insert whimsical silver balls.

Note: All florist supplies and glitter balls may be found at a local florist or crafts store.

Gardman 14-inch Hanging Cone
Available at Lowe’s

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