A dining room table with natural plants.

Casual Dining Room

Why we love it: This neutral-colored holiday table is mix-and-match made marvelous. The wooden table is dressed up for Thanksgiving with pastoral elegance. The flatware and chairs are all from different sets, but you would never know it when looking at this cohesive setting.

A dining room table with natural plants.

Dining Details

What makes it work: The neutral-colored linens and plates create a subtle canvas for the bright centerpiece. Plus, the potted plants and herbs make a versatile and unexpected table-long accent.

A dining room table with natural plants.

More Dining Details

Steal this idea: The cream linen tablecloth anchors the entire table, but you could use any rustic fabric (try affordable and versatile burlap). Pair dishes in a similar natural tone with natural elements. Here, fresh herbs add color and wonderful natural aromas to the table.

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