Electric menorah
Courtesy of Target

No Flame Required

Don't fret if you live in a place that prohibits candles or are just uncomfortable with an open flame. This contemporary pewter menorah will bring both sleek design and fire safety to your tabletop.

Electric Menorah
Available at Target

Flexus Menorah
Courtesy of MoMA Store

Festive Versatility

The multipurpose design of this menorah makes it perfect for 2008. Aptly named the "Flexus," it comes apart to function as nine individual candleholders. Just as easily as it comes apart, it comes together during Hanukkah to achieve a clean and modern statement.

Flexus Menorah
Available at MoMA Store

Waterford crystal menorah
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Holiday Heirloom

Start a family tradition and celebrate the Festival of Lights with this crystal menorah by Waterford. A row of nine golden candle holders perches over a crystal crescent carved with a light-reflecting pattern.

Crystal Menorah
Available at Neiman Marcus

Moroccan menorah
Courtesy of Canaan Online

Covered Lighting

This copper menorah brings a festive flair to any Hanukkah celebration. Elaborately designed by Israeli artist Ester Shahaf, nine flames topped with nine dangling Swarovski crystals are nestled underneath a hand-painted Ottoman-style canopy.

Menorah by Ester Shahaf
Available at Canaan Online

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