spooky mantel
Emily Jenkins Followill

Mantel Makeover

Get your home in ghoulish gear for the season soon approaching. Set the stage for a spooky ambiance with these haunting ideas that seem pretty enough at first glance, but reveal their sinister elements on closer inspection.

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mismatched collection of brass candlesticks
Emily Jenkins Followill

Candle Collection

A mismatched collection of brass candlesticks plugged with black candles adds tribute to the suffering. Arrange with other oddities, such as spooky globes and antique clocks.


wreath of blood-red carnations
Emily Jenkins Followill

Funereal Wreath

A wreath of blood-red carnations hung with a rosette of black satin ribbon pays homage to the deceased. Hang this tribute to the dead high upon your mantel or on your front door to prepare guests for the haunting ahead.

• Watch to learn how to make your own carnation wreath.

light-weight Styrofoam busts
Emily Jenkins Followill

Mantel Busts

At first glance, tongue-in-cheek busts look legitimate enough. Closer investigation reveals anguished faces carved from lightweight polyurethane foam. Myra Mains isn’t too happy to host this Halloween party.

Spooky busts
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