Flowerpot Bells

How-To Make Holiday Ornaments

What You'll Need: small terra-cotta flowerpots; acrylic craft paint in assorted colors; wire; assortment of small bells

Step 1: Paint each pot white, and let dry. Then personalize the pots with painted polka dots and other playful designs.

Step 2: After the paint dries, position each pot with the drainage hole on top. Thread both ends of a 10- to 12-inch piece of wire through the drainage hole, forming a loop for hanging. (Ribbon or raffia can be substituted for wire.) Holding the outside loop in place, bend and twist one end of the inside wire to form a knot larger than the drainage hole. Leave enough wire past the knot to thread a bell.

Step 3: Attach a bell to the remaining inside wire, pulling the bell to the center of the pot. Twist and tie the excess wire around the top of the bell to secure. Trim wire as needed.

Lightbulb Santa

Lightbulb Santa

What You'll Need: standard light bulbs; red ribbon; acrylic craft paint in assorted colors

Step 1: Glue ribbon around the metal base of a standard lightbulb to form a loop for hanging.

Step 2: Paint a white basecoat around the glass bulb, and let dry. With the bulb positioned downward, paint a Santa face. Give him a white beard and a bright red hat. When finished, hang the bulb in a safe place to dry.

Magnolia Leaf Santa Ornament

Magnolia Leaf Santa

What You'll Need: dried magnolia leaves; acrylic craft paint in assorted colors; glitter paint; ribbon; glue gun

Step 1: Paint one side of a dried magnolia leaf to resemble Saint Nick using acrylic craft paints. Add glitter paint to make him sparkle.

Step 2: After the paint dries, tie a bow around the stem using ribbon or yarn. With a glue gun, attach a looped piece of ribbon to the back for hanging.

Note: There are countless ways to portray this jolly old fellow. Try using other types of leaves for a different look.

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