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The ultimate guide for celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas filled with innovative ideas for holiday decorating, party hosting, thoughtful gifting, and much more.
Thanksgiving Spread
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John Kernick

Perfect Potluck

You know you want to host, but have no idea what to serve. Of all the holidays, Thanksgiving has the most classic of menus, but don't let that dictate what you serve. If your comfort level in the kitchen is low, keep things simple. But if you are up for the challenge, experiment. Also, ask guests to bring a side dish of their choosing -- something that is a staple at their family's Thanksgiving. Hosting a potluck divides the work and shares your friend's holiday traditions.

Cooking Hint: If you are only serving a few people, just buy a turkey breast. They cook in less time, and you won't be stuck dealing with sticking your hand inside the bird or trying to make room for tons of turkey leftovers.

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