Thanksgiving Tablescape
Brian Francis

Hardworking Whimsy

A clever centerpiece can be a real conversation starter, and your guests will never know that this setting spawned from a trip to the hardware store.

What You'll Need
• 3 1/2- x 4-foot piece of copper screen
• 1 large ball of twine
• 4 to 6 small balls of twine
• 24-gauge copper wire
• 4 copper groupings
• Cardstock (for place cards)
• Plants of your choice
• Florist's foam (optional)
• Plastic wrap (optional)
• Scissors

Twine Balls
Brian Francis

Table Inspiration

Seek out specific materials to give your decor direction. This tablescape unraveled (literally) around copper and twine, two easy-to-find items at a hardware store. Once your theme is established, put on your creative cap and explore every aisle to find unusual items that are worthy of your Thanksgiving setting.

Copper and Twine Centerpiece
Brian Francis

From the Garden

Take cues from the colors and textures of the copper and twine and construct a fitting arrangement. Using clippings from seasonal and exotic plants -- including mums, grevillea, and Lipstick plant (also referred to as basket vine) -- and a few copper coils, a cleverly deconstructed centerpiece quickly comes to life.

Small Flower Arrangements
Brian Francis

Little Sprawl

Smaller arrangements rooted in scattered balls of twine flank the larger twine arrangement. Several rest casually on their sides with foliage spilling out onto the table.

Tip: Place pieces of soaked florist's foam (wrapped in plastic wrap) inside the balls of twine to secure and hydrate the arrangements.

Brian Francis

Pipes to Place Setting

Remember to check out the plumbing aisle when you're looking for decorative accents. Copper groupings (normally used to connect pipes) neatly corral the blue and white napkins. Priced at less than $2 each, they are quite a stylish bargain.

Continue the look by placing a piece of copper screen underneath the entire setting. And because little hands may be tempted to play with the wire, be sure to keep this accent just for the grown-up table.

Copper Turkeys
Brian Francis

Copper Coils

With a little patience and a lot of craftiness, inexpensive 24-gauge copper wire is transformed into charming place card holders.

These turkeys are surprisingly easy to make! Working one piece at a time, form a ball for the body, fashion the feathers, wrap the head and neck, and then wire the pieces together. Don't fret. The more imperfect your turkeys are, the more personality they have.

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