a theatrical welcome
Emily Jenkins Followill

Red Velvet Entrance

Red velvet curtains swept with spiderwebs frame the front door in a theatrical welcome. Roll out a magic carpet to transport guests to the fantastic terrors beyond.

Velvet curtains: Available at Pottery Barn

noose and curtain at the entry
Emily Jenkins Followill

Hang It Up

Tied into a noose, a golden length of cord harnesses a curtain at the entry. Just beyond, on the front door, an inscribed tombstone gives pause with its ominous invitation, 'Enter If You Dare.'

Skull and Roses Tombstone: Available at Mostly Dead
(modified with chalkboard spray paint and white chalk)

carved pumpkin provides a beacon in the foggy twilight
Emily Jenkins Followill

Guard Owl

Glowing like a dying ember, a carved pumpkin provides a beacon in the foggy twilight. A hoot owl carved into a white "funkin" hints at the feathered flock inside. Think Alfred Hitchcock’s classic horror film, The Birds…, and watch out for your eyes.

Pumpkin: Available at The Funkin Patch

skeleton arm as a curtain tieback
Emily Jenkins Followill

Arm’s Length

To beckon guests inside, a skeleton arm rests lightly on burgundy velvet curtains, serving as a ghoulish tieback.

Skeleton arm: Available at Mostly Dead

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