Miniature feather trees
Tom McWilliam

What You’ll Need:

• Clippings of evergreens or fresh herbs (such as rosemary, sage, mint, tarragon, thyme, or lavender)
• Scissors
• Florist or craft wire
• Miniature trees in various sizes

Find feather trees
Tom McWilliam

Quick Tip

You can find miniature feather trees at

Clip sprigs
Tom McWilliam

Clip and Cut

Step 1: Clip herb sprigs to desired size, and then form into small bundles, wrapping cut wire at the base and leaving extra for Step 2.

Fasten sprigs to feather tree
 Tom McWilliam

Fill Your Tree

Step 2: Fasten herb bundles to branches with wire until your trees look full.

Mist branches if they appear dry
Tom McWilliam

Center of Attention

Step 3: Make three or more trees for the center of an oblong table or sideboard. Enjoy this seasonal arrangement for days, misting branches if they begin to look dry.

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